Boruto Manga Volume 4 Reveals Konohamaru & Moegi’s Stats And They’re Interesting

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ 4th Volume is coming out on 2nd of November in Japan and Like previous volumes it comes with the stats of 3 characters. This time, the stats of Konohamaru, Moegi & Shikamaru. Konohamaru stats show that his strength surpasses that of his rival/older brother/Teacher Naruto Uzumaki. Who had Strength of 110 in previous stat volume. Konohamaru is shown to be proficient in Fire style Technique. Now the biggest surprise in this stat reveal for me is Moegi, who is shown to be capable of using the Legendary Wood Style technique.

Check out more of these characters’ stats below.

Previous stats of Team 7:

  • Aiman Prinny

    Negotiation is basically Talk no Jutsu

  • By strength do they mean natural or infusing chakra because if we talking strength Sakura should be higher…
    But oh well

    • javan

      they mean natural

  • Ganarlix

    You telling me konohamaru has more strength than Naruto who one punched the dude who sliced the moon in half? Yeah okay lol

    • lanaya

      maybe in physical strength. since Naruto can tap more chakra into his fist to amplify damage

  • Grim Reaper

    Fuck where’s sex no justu?

    • Grim Reaper

      I mean cmon look what ninja can do with their jutsu in bed 😉 like naruto 😏 or I just reading too much hentai 😂 😂 😂.

      • Aja-Aždaja Kunoichi

        Yes, you ARE reading too much hentai…face it xD lol (y) but not a bad theory, though, haha

  • redclover

    Wow, Moegi better watch her back now.

  • Ken Gaddi

    Sakura with only 100 STR? That’s BS

    • Miguel Luis Gomez Pigao


    • She doesnt have actual Physical stregnth, her punches are enhanced with chakra

  • Nisera Vaughan

    Why is Sakura’s strength so low? This doesn’t make sense.

    • Miguel Luis Gomez Pigao

      Yeah, she’s like the strongest physically of all of Team 7. She punched an entire boulder into pebbles in the Boruto movie!

    • lanaya

      base strength is weak. but enhanced with chakra and some techniques she learned from tsunade its impressive

  • StevenLockey

    Whoever wrote them stats had clearly been at the Sake! Ninjitsu 4 for Sasuke? Who pretty much mastered and even improved on every jitsu he was taught…. including chidori and susano…. Who ranks 5 by that scale? Even Madara might not lol.

    Thats just the most blatant fail…. so many others as well.

    • Joel

      Not to mention the RINNEGAN with which you can master ANY JUTSU EVER!

  • Drewbert

    Honestly this probably makes a lot of sense and we just aren’t thinking about it correctly. If we are speaking purely physically, how strong do you really think Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are, especially with most of them being less active ninja, professionally.

    If you separate tailed beasts, dojutsu, using Chakra to increase your strenght, it’s possible that other people are stronger than them at the base level. It’s like how Naruto would have always had higher Chakra reserves than Sakura or Sasuke, no matter what the circumstance.

    Imagine Konohamaru has a base strenght of 100 and uses Chakra to gain a 300% multiplier.
    Naruto has a base strenght of 50, but with a 3000% multipler. Yea you can gear naruto to be immensely more powerful, but konohamaru has better base stats.

    • Joel

      BS. Naruto fought rinnegan sasuke while in base and later one-shotted him into a cliff face. Base naruto & sasuke are wayyy above any of them!

      • Drewbert

        Idk man. You I don’t think you can necessarily take everything at face value like that. the Nitty Gritty is that we don’t know how much chakra is being molded because it can’t be quantified like that. We don’t know how much is being stolen and how much is left over. At this point in the canon you can only safely assume that everything is being improved from a secondary source, charkra, tailed beasts, dojutsu, once the characters get to a certain level. Logically I don’t see any other reason for all of these cards to be accurate than the conclusion I’ve drawn.

        also it’s canon, so these cards for whatever reason must be accurate. I think my reasoning is the most likely

  • John Kennedy

    This is bullshit.. Removing kuramas influence u have to remember naruto is an uzumaki. Strenght and chakra are his forte. N dont even get me started on sasukes stats. Granted i hate the bastard, but he good. I mean. Real good

  • Samory Uiki

    What really pisses me off is that Sasuke is only 10 points more intelligent than Naruto, like WTF?!?!