New Boruto Anime Opening 2 & Ending 3 Announced

The 41st Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine is announcing on Monday that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime will be getting a new opening & ending theme songs. The opening theme song will be sang by Little Glee Monster whereas the ending theme song will be sang by Melofloat. The names of the songs are yet to be revealed but they will debut in the anime in October 2017.

Little Glee Monster (LGM) are a J-Pop group who was formed in late 2013.  The members are: Serina (Blue), Asahi (Yellow), MAYU (Green), Karen (Pink; Leader), manaka (Purple) & Maju (Red). LGM formally sang the 2nd ending song of Boku no Hero Academia – Dakara Hitori Janai.

MELOFLOAT ( メロフロート ) are also a J-Pop group who were formed in 2011 and released their first single Michishirube ( ミチシルベ ) in June of 2012.