Ukyou Kodachi Talks about Kishimoto’s Extremely Carefull Supervision of Boruto

Many fans thinks that Kishimoto sensei isn’t really involved in the current arc (Acadamey days) of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime but that isn’t really the case. Kishimoto sensei is one of the supervisor of the Boruto anime’s current arc along side the Boruto manga writer Ukyou Kodachi.

The Boruto Manga Writer, Ukyou Kodachi, wrote about how the current arc of Boruto anime, which focuses on the next generation during their academy days, is being extremely supervised by Kishimoto sensei along side him. And how Episode 8 & 9 of Boruto were originally written as one episode but was expanded on due to Kishimoto & him adding a lot of things to it. So, for those fans that thought this current arc wasn’t canon or official part of the story can rest knowing that Kishimoto & Ukyou is making sure nothing unnecessary goes into anime.

Ukyou Kodachi wrote:

“Boruto is created under Mr Kishimoto’s careful (extremely careful) supervision, but episode 8 and 9 were originally one episode, and it became two episodes due to thoughts such as “let’s expand this because it’s interesting”, “let’s add to that”, “let’s go with this type of theme” from Mr Kishimoto and I. And Miwa (Kiyomune Miwa) who does the scripts worked very hard due to this excitement from us.”