Boruto: Naruto Next Generations May 2017 Schedule

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations kicked off last month with many fans having low expectations of it. However Boruto seems to have pleasantly surprised us so far with have well it’s developing its characters and distinguishing the new generations from old. It’s not just how well the characters are being developed that surprised many fans but also how much the world of Naruto has changed and how modern it looks while still having many things we loved about it. Take a look at what’s coming up in the next few weeks for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

Warning: Spoilers of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime are ahead

Episode Title Release date
6 The Last Lesson…!! May 10
7  Love and Potato Chips…!! May 17
8 A Dream’s Message May 24
9 One’s Own Proof May 31
10  Begin investigations on the Ghost Incidents!! June 7

Note: The dates above are all actual, but the titles may change when the episodes are officially released by Viz Media.


Episode 6 (May 10) – The Last Lesson…!!
The classroom teacher Shino attacks Boruto and others!? The classroom teacher Shino summons Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki. Suddenly, Shino uses his insects to attack the three! Against the Jonin level powerhouse Shino, what will Boruto and the others do…!?

Episode 7 (May 17) – Love and Potato Chips…!!
Boruto’s classmate, Chōchō Akimichi, has been feeling the gaze of an unseen figure on her, making her uncomfortable. When she finally catches the culprit Magire Kakuremino, it is revealed that he was actually watching Chōchō’s class representative. After knowing that Magire has feelings for Class Rep, Chōchō encourages him to confess to her.

Episode 8 (May 24) – A Dream’s Message
On a certain night, Boruto had a dream where he was given an Ocular Power from a mysterious character. Boruto believes that he had awoken the Byakugan, an inherited ability from his mother, Hinata’s side of the family, the Hyuga clan. His father Naruto however, does not believe him. Hence Boruto decided to go to his grandfather Hiashi’s place to listen to the story of the Byakugan.

Episode 9 (May 31) – One’s Own Proof
To prove that he had awoken the Byakugan, it is decided that Boruto will spar with his aunt, Hanabi. With Naruto and his grandfather watching over them, Boruto fights boldly, but no matter how hard he tries he is not able to activate the Byakugan, and gets down on himself as a result.

Episode 9 (June 7) – Begin investigations on the Ghost Incidents!!
Summary not available yet!

  • Deleter

    In the manga they show who gives the ocular power to boruto, i think its chapter 10 or 11

    • Elaiza Choi

      I think, momoshiki sealed something to boruto. I’m not sure tho.

      • Deleter

        Yeah he did, but I didn’t want to say it because it might spoil people…. :/

        • but that happens a long time later, after the time we’re in the boruto anime right now

          • Deleter

            That has me very confused, the anime is not following the manga (which is good because the first 10 characters are like the movie) so the anime is starting from the beginning i guess. Hopefully they don’t animate the first 10 ch of the manga

          • Elaiza Choi

            they’re just changing the flow of the story. Since the manga is the actual movie.

  • Eqiunox Wizard

    Episode 8-9 is all about boruto’s eye. He thinks it’s byakugan but its probably actually tenseigan. Episode ten(not released yet) is probably alittle about it too. Some ghost mystery