Chief Director Discusses the Direction Boruto Anime Will Take & More [Full Interview]

The April issue of Gakken Publishing’s Monthly Animedia magazine, which is out now, includes an interview with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime’s chief director, Noriyuki Abe. The director discusses the direction they (as in the stuff of the series) would like to take and how they don’t want to make Boruto anime a copy of Naruto but rather stand out as its own. So that the old and new fans can enjoy it.

The magazine also reveals that Boruto anime will begin from when Boruto Uzumaki enrolls in the Ninja Acadamy. Judging from the interview, the reason for this seems to be to develop these new characters and give them their own identity while also introducing new and old audience to this new era of the Ninja world. Read the full interview below. 

Note: There are few texts missing from the translation (but nothing very significant) due to poor scans and watermarks. 


The 2015 movie “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” which opened to us the world of Naruto’s next generation is finally coming to the TV screen as a series! With the peaceful and modernized Hidden Leaf village as the stage, the son of Naruto the 7th Hokage, Uzumaki Boruto is running rampant, you know!
The tale begins when Boruto enrolls at the school that raises ninjas – “Ninja Academy”. Waiting for Boruto are new characters and classmates such as Uchiha Sarada and Nara Shikadai and other next generation groups, who all have parents who have achieved greatness, and have their own personalities. They will all mature as they meet and acknowledge each other. In the academy where ninjutsu are a regular, what kind of events will Boruto encounter? Let us all await this tale of a new legend!

To the next generation of the shinobi tales.

(Unable to read text)… has been drawn but, the most surprising is the changes in the interior of the Hidden Leaf village. The public transport has begun operations and is becoming ever more like a thunder car, and is almost indistinguishable from the modern town. Occupations other than being a shinobi have been created, and even in the Academy, there will be classmates who have never touched ninjutsu.

I am me!

(TL Note: Can’t really read the left panel, something about having heroes and parents, and wanting to be a normal family I think? And not being wanting to be constantly compared to his parents I think, having great friends at the academy will him confirm where he stands as his own person)

“What sort of direction are you planning on taking the “Boruto” series storywise?”

Since the first series of “Naruto” was released in 2002, it’s been 15 years already. Over this extended period of time, Naruto and his friends have fought in tremendous battles that the fate of the world rides on, there have been dramas involving characters who are linked deeply to the history and origin of the shinobi, and the world of “Naruto” has become deeply secretive (TL note: I’m fairly sure this part is translated correctly, but it’s not making sense to me). Therefore this time we don’t want it to become “Naruto 2.0”. We want to create a new work that our fans, who have followed us these 15 years, and now grown into adults and their children can enjoy. Of course, this is on top of also including the characters that are already a part of the series. We as the staff of “Naruto” refer to Naruto and Sasuke as “legendary characters”, and it’s awesome when they appear in the story, but we are careful to portray Boruto and the next generation as the main characters as we are creating the series.

“The tale of Boruto and his friends have been preceded with the movie and the manga, so where are we standing with this TV series?”

The tale begins a little before the events of the movie. The movie occurs when Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are in a three-man cell and undertaking the Chuunin Exams, but the TV series will begin from when they enroll into the Academy. After graduating and forming their three-man cell, gaining experience and challenging the Chuunin Exams is the approximate timeline.
“It seems that Sarada and Mitsuki are going to have a more developed relationship from now on.”
In the beginning they are merely classmates, with Sarada being an unsociable girl, and Mitsuki having an unreadable atmosphere around him. (TL Note: can’t read the rest of text)

“It is indeed the tale of a king’s boy isn’t it.”

Indeed. As the story advances you’ll be able to see the serious side of the world that has been drawn in “Naruto”, but in the early stages it is a school drama with ninja action. Though not developed, this story will be focused on the development of the ninjutsu loving children even as they get lost about the future.

“It seems like we are able to expect action also. Will you also tell us about any other characters we should be looking out for?”

This person is an adult but, Shino. Where he has ended up at, and what sort of connections he will have with Boruto is something to look forward to. Also Boruto’s classmates too.

“It seems that this will be a work that all generations will be able to enjoy.”

Aside of Boruto and his friends’ growth and action, this tale has another axis that it is focusing on. Continuing on the flow of “Naruto”, we believe this tale can be enjoyed by newcoming fans as well. The legendary characters who have now become adults and their connection with the younglings can also be enjoyed.

Huge thanks to our translator Toggling for this.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is set to premier 5th April, 2017 on TV Tokyo.

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