Naruto Shippuden December 2016 Schedule – Epilogue Novels Begin

Naruto Shippuden anime’s December schedule has been released. There is good news and bad news. The bad is that is there won’t be any Naruto Shippuden episode for the next 2 week. However, on December 1, TV tokyo will air the first episode of the novels’ stories. We begin with Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise.

Judging from the summary, episode 484 covers the first two chapters of Sasuke Shinden. Whereas episode 485 covers chapter 3 of the novel.

Episode Title Release date
NO EPISODE November 17
NO EPISODE November 24
484 Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise – The Detonating Man December 1
485 Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise – Coliseum December 8

Note: The dates above are all actual, but the titles may change when the episodes are officially released by Viz Media. Check out full december 2016 schedule here


Episode 484 (December 1) – The Detonating Man
After the last battle where Naruto and Sasuke clashed in the Valley of the End, The Fourth Ninja War was concluded. After that, Sasuke has been traveling around the world alone to compensate for his own crimes that he committed in the past. Meanwhile, during the outbreak that happened in Konoha. A mysterious shinobi attacked the village.

Episode 485 (December 8) – Coliseum
Suddenly, the shinboi who attacked the village was a mysterious detonator. And from the village the detonator appeared where Sasuke met him in a distant place, from that a number of innocent people were exploding one after another. In order to uncover the truth of this case, Sasuke began its own investigation. Who are “Raikōdan” and “Fūshin” groups that villagers talking about?!!

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