Naruto Shippuden November 2016 Schedule

Just couple of days ago the October 2016 schedule of Naruto Shippuden was revealed. Today we got not only what the last episode of this month will be titled but also what some of the episodes in November will be. As we predicted, we will be getting post war filler episodes before the anime officially starts going into the stories of the epilogue novels.

And as we reported before, episode 480 will kick off with a new opening and ending. Opening 20 will be titled “Empty Heart” performed by singer/songwriter Anly. Ending 39 will be titled “Departure Song” performed by the Japanese idol group Ayumikurikamaki.

Episode Title Release date
480 NARUTO.HINATA October 20
 481 SASUKE.SAKURA October 27
482 GAARA.SHIKAMARU November 3
483 JIRAIYA.KAKASHI November 10

Note: The dates above are all actual, but the titles may change when the episodes are officially released by Viz Media. Also, This isn’t the full schedule of November 2016 as it hasn’t been released yet.