Naruto Epilogue Novels’ First Anime Illustration Revealed

By now, everyone knows that three Naruto epilogue novels, which takes place between Chapter 699 & 700, are getting anime adaptation. This was announced back in August this year but we didn’t get any images/illustrations. TV Tokyo has revealed today the first illustration of the light novels’ anime adaptation. The illustration below was done by Tetsuya Nishio.


No exact release date has been set yet (beside coming soon/winter 2016) but we expect the epilogue novels arc to start airing after the mini arc of Naruto Shippuden titled “Shōnen Jidai-hen” (Boyhood Arc).

The epilogue are NOT getting a separate anime as many as saying. The anime adaptation of the epilogue novel will air as a NEW ARC and part of Naruto Shippuden.