Live Spectacle NARUTO Announced For Malaysia [2016]

Rejoice Malaysian fans! This year’s Live Spectacle NARUTO is coming this November.

One day, at dawn, the mischievous boy called Naruto gets suspected of the missing book full of Ninja’s prohibited alchemys. Amid the furor he was trapped to know the secrets of his birth. When he was delivered, the legendary demon fox with nine tails was sealed up in his body. Naruto gets terribly shocked to know the fact, however, he was encouraged and supported by Iruka, one of the teachers at Ninja Academy, so that he managed to graduate from the school. Now that Naruto and his classmates start their duty as fresh-man, it means the beginning of a journey where they are forced to face challenges and fatalities as well as Naruto’s personal struggle and friendship with his fatal friend Sasuke.

When: November 20, 2016

Where: Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur

Time: 3:00 PM & 8:00 PM

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