Bleach Manga’s Logo Used For Prostitution Business

Tite Kubo’s beloved manga, Bleach, ended recently with the final chapter of the manga revealing the manga is getting a live-action film adaptation that will be released in Japan in 2018. Many fans weren’t happy about this. And if you were one of those fans, then you’re definitely not going to be happy about what we’re about to say.

As the title suggests, Bleach manga’s unique logo has been used for a fuzoku establishment (prostitution business). The logo’s name has been changed from “Bleach” to “Burning” but not the unique design.

Here is Bleach Manga’s logo


Here is the prostitution business’s logo


As far as we know, the publishers of Bleach manga & anime, Shueisha & Studio Pierrot, aren’t aware of this nor have they given permission for this “establishment” to use their logo. It will only a matter of time before Shueisha & Studio Pierrot went after it for ripping off their manga’s logo.

Source:  2ch