Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a new officially licensed Tokyo Ghoul mobile game that has not yet launched. GameSamba and FUNimation Entertainment are going to release the game sometime this winter. No definite date has been confirmed, nor has it been confirmed if this game is going to be released world wide or just in specific countries.

The game will be available for Android and Apple devices, it will feature three game-play modes for players to choose from.

The first is the single player quest/story mode, which will take players on an episode adventure where they will face off human or ghoul foes in action of RPG combat. Players will be able to control a party of characters, and unleash powerful special skills.

“Tokyo Ghoul Dark War” will also feature a variety of multiplayer modes. The first will be a player vs player (PvP) where players will be able to fight and compete against one another to see who is the strongest. The other game mode is inspired by MOBA gameplay, players will be able to join in a one vs one, three vs three, or five vs five against other players trying to take out the enemy team.

Players interested beta opportunities for Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War can sign up for the game’s newsletter on the official website.