Naruto Shippuden September – October 2016 Schedule – Good & Bad News

Warning: Spoilers of Naruto Shippuden anime are ahead

Naruto Shippuden anime’s schedule for September has been released and a lot of the fans might not be happy about it. First of all, the bad news. Naruto Shippuden will be going on a long two week break starting next week. The first reason for this seems to be that the animators need a bit more time as evident by the fact that the preview for the next episode is in black and white (see below images). The second reason is due to Japanese holiday on the week of the 22nd of September.

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On to the good news. We will be getting double episodes after we comeback from the two week break on 29th of September.

Without further ado here is the September to October schedule of Naruto Shippuden.

Episode Title Release date
NO EPISODE September 15
NO EPISODE September 22
 476 The Final Battle September 29
477 Unknown September 29
478 The Seal of Reconciliation October 6

Note: The dates above are all actual, but the titles may change when the episodes are officially released by Viz Media.


Episode 476 & 477 – 1 hour special
screen play: Yuka Miyata
Storyboard/Episode director/Animation director: Hiroyuki Yamashita

Hiroyuki Yamashita has directed probably some of the best episodes/fights if not the best in Naruto (see below video for some of his work). He was also the director of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. So, get ready for one hour of truly some of the best animation you’ll ever see.

Episode 478 – The Seal of Reconciliation (和解の印 “Wakai no in”)
screen play/Storyboard/Episode director: Toshiyuki Tsuru
Animation director: Toshiyuki Tsuru/Hiroto Tanaka