Naruto Shippuden Anime is NOT Ending Soon!

A lot of people have been asking us about when the Naruto Shippuden anime is ending or if the anime is ending. There are a lot of false rumors such as the image below, going around about when Naruto Shippuden is ending. So, it is time to clear the b***sh!t in the air.


First of all Naruto Shippuden anime is not ending 10th October as some people are claiming. There has been no confirmation of this from TV Tokyo or Studio Pierrot. Normally when big news such as Naruto ending, it’s announced on Japanese magazines/websites, TV Tokyo/Pierrot’s websites and there has been no such announcements as of yet.

Second of all, TV Tokyo/Pierrot have however announced that 3 of Naruto Epilogue Novels are getting anime adaptation. These novels are: Shikamaru Hiden, Konoha Hiden & Sasuke Shinden. These are due to air this winter, after Naruto Vs Sasuke fight.

Check out the video for more details.

As i was saying, Naruto Shippuden anime ending soon is false & there has been no confirmation of this from TV Tokyo, Studio Pierrot or any other credible source. So, please don’t fall for click bait video or fake sites that report B***sh!t such as ChristianToday, The Christian Times‎, iTech Post etc….


  • Shinigami Mido

    More fillers xD

    • Shadowstar

      Actually the anime adaptations of the novels are probably going to happen after the show is finished and continue shippuden and the novels are canon so yeah not filler.

      • Shinigami Mido

        I know but who knows they might add some fillers in between the adoptions~ you never know

        • Spiralling Sphere

          They probably will add some fillers in order to expand the story of the novels.

  • no_ Fuego

    Is naruto really dead as some people say because I don’t believe it he just came hokage that was his life dream and now they say he is dead what is that really I want to now the truth

    • Spiralling Sphere

      No. There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Naruto is dead.