Attack On Titan Manga Has Hit 60 Million Copies In Print

Recently the official Twitter account of Kodansha stated that the Attack On Titan manga has now hit over 60 million copies in print! Whoa. Now that’s a lot of prints!!

Although, so far it is not known if this is just within Japan, or worldwide. But it is very possible that it’s world wide as recently the Attack On Titan manga has surpassed the 52 million mark in world wide sales.

The Attack On Titan manga has always been a popular hit in Japan and even the first season of the anime of Attack On Titan was quite the hit becoming one of the most know popular anime’s loved and enjoyed world wide. It is soon going to have a second season, and it has been confirmed to be aired on February 2017. It sounds like it’ll be better and bloodier then ever! It’s safe to say, we are all excited for the second season!

Attack On Titan has become so popular that it has had quite a few spin off mangas, novel series, a two part live action movie, a spin off television series and an OVA. Including some great and enjoyable fun video games.

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