Naruto Shippuden August-September 2016 Schedule

Warning: Spoilers of Naruto Shippuden anime are ahead

Naruto Shippuden anime’s schedule from August to September has been released & it looks like the highly anticipated fight between Sasuke & Naruto will start in September. We expect Kaguya to be defeated/sealed by Episode 474. And although Episode 475 says: “The Valley of the End”, we don’t expect the fight to start then but rather Naruto & Sasuke should be “reminiscing” & having some final strong words to say to each. The final fight will have high quality animation according to the director of Naruto, Hayato Date. Infact TV Tokyo has been highly promoting it, and apparently even showed a preview of the fight at Jump Victory Carnaval 2016 (see below images). So, look forward to it.

Without further ado here is the schedule of Naruto Shippuden from August to September.

Episode Title Release date
471 The Two of Them… Always August 11
472 You Will Surely… August 18
473 Sharingan, Once More… August 25
474 Congratulations September 1
475 The Valley of the End September 8

Note: The dates above are all actual, but the titles are fan translations and may change when the episodes are officially released by Viz Media.


Images from Jump Victory Carnival 2016: