Naruto Shippuden July 2016 Schedule (Canon Episodes Return)


We’ve been stuck in what some may describe as a filler hell but personally i have enjoyed for the last two filler arcs, Itachi shinden & Hagoromo’s back story, while the latter wasn’t executed as well as i expected, it was nonetheless still decent. The latest episode of Naruto Shippuden (467) ended with Hagoromo Otsutsuki about to decided the successor to his Ninshu (Ninja Creed). Well, the schedule for the next few episodes have been revealed. Check it out.


Episode Title  Release date
468 The Successor July 21
469 A Special Mission (Return to Canon) July 28
470 The Connected Feelings August 4


new schedule


Episode 468: Director/Storyboard: Kazuya Iwata
Animation Supervisor: Tetsurou Taira & Eiichi Tokura

Episode 469: Director/Storyboard: Masayuki Kouda
Animation Supervisor: Masayuki Kouda & Anna Yamaguchi

Episode 470: Director/Storyboard: Masaaki Kumagai
Animation Supervisor: Kumiko Horikoshi