Sasuke was going to take his own life

After a lengthy fight between Naruto & Sasuke that ended in both losing an arm, Sasuke reveals that he was always the one envious of Naruto and says that he is much like his older brother. Sasuke also admits defeat. What shocked me wasn’t any of this but the fact that Sasuke was going to kill him as a way of “repenting”.

When I first read this, I wasn’t shocked or surprised because it was fan translated chapter that didn’t really make much sense.

Sasuke tells Naruto after he dies the Infinite Tsukyomi will dispel, which is wrong (translation).

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The fan translations also said that “I wanted to deal with you by myself”, or “I want to settle all my debts with my own body”, which sounds like what a stripper would say. Now that I think about it …. Sasuke as a stripper….. No, no, no, no!

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It wasn’t until recently when I read an official translation of the chapter by Viz Media, that I was shocked & everything came together. After he lost to Naruto, Sasuke was planning to give his left eye (Rinnegan) to Kakashi & kill himself as a way of repenting.

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Off course Naruto was having none of it. He convinced Sasuke that killing himself wasn’t the answer & that they should work together for a better world.

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